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Church Parsonage Repair

Our church parsonage is home to Sr. Pastor Eddie, his wife, Pastor Jeremy and his family. The parsonage needs major repairs due to water damage and termite damage. We are currently working on the bathroom as the floor was caving in and needed attention. As Pastor Jeremy removed the toilet, he noticed the subfloor was missing. Once he had the tile removed around it, he noticed the entire subfloor was gone. It appears the tile and cement were holding the toilet and sink/cabinet up. 


The cost of this repair is more than the church can currently afford. We are looking for any type of help from workers to wood, to termite treatment. This project is currently ongoing so this information may differ day by day. If you'd like to help, please reach out to Pastor Jeremy or our Clerk, Karen at 863-969-6499.

Information will be updated as it becomes available. Updated 5/15/2023

Updated 5/22/23: We were able to have help getting new wood in and subfloor. We now know we have live termites and are waiting for an estimate on cost to tent the house. 

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